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Ada's Heritage Farm

Broiler Chickens
Dairy Goats


In 2017 I made the decision to begin breeding our own Dominique laying hens. The Dominique is the oldest American heritage breed still around today. I chose this breed after working with several different heritage breeds and felt that they were best suited to the job on our farm. I started with a small batch of hens and began saving and selecting breeders with good traits for the next three years.

I prefer an array of colors in the nest box, it keeps me entertained and makes for a beautiful carton of eggs, it just makes everyone happy to see them. Since my Dominiques only lay a cream or pink shelled egg (some with white speckles :)) I also had an assortment of different heritage breeds that laid different colored shells amongst the flock. Then 2020 hit and I made the decision to breed all of my laying hens to the Dominique roosters because of supply shortages and concern for future availability of any kind of hen at all. Even though the decision wasn't born of a blessing, it certainly turned out to be one, I now have Dominiques that lay beautiful olive, green, and blue shelled eggs.

To learn more about how we raise our poultry, visit our YouTube channel.

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