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About Our Farm

Ada's Heritage Farm


-a corporate mantra


Is our food supply really safe to eat anymore? The more I connected the corporate dots, the more I've come to the realization that it is not about safe, it's about consumption and consumer dollars. Artificially, mechanically, and genetically engineered food stuffs are dumped into our food supply daily. Over processing and relentless subsidized farming practices have poisoned our food and left our environment in a toxic and nutrient depleted way. We are seeing the beginning of a catastrophic health crisis in the American population that has no pretty ending unless we choose to actively make changes with our choices and buying power. As I attempted to make healthier choices for my family I noticed that the “fresh” foods we should be implementing as the bulk of our diets wasn't really all that fresh. Why does my kale need to come from Florida and my eggs from New Hampshire? This stuff should be fresher, better, and available locally. So...

I decided I should quit my job and be that farmer myself. Why not? I've been blessed with the beautiful fortune of growing up on a farm. I have a passion for the outdoors and animal husbandry and my family and community need nourishing food. I'm in a unique position to have available land resources to make that happen. Then the realization settled in that this was my calling, my purpose. To bring “real” food back to our tables, to bring health back to our environment, bring balance back to living, and leave behind a sustainable and self sufficient farming model. I know we can't all quit our jobs and be farmers. That's when I knew that if I grew or planted one for me, I needed to grow and plant one for you too. Because it's not about bigger, fatter, faster, cheaper. It's about our health and our future. It's about better, healthier, and local.

Our Farming Practices

Although we have not yet pursued organic certification, we are indeed organic in our farming practices and management. We employ a farming technique known as regenerative farming. We do not disturb the soil by turning or exposing and instead use no till drilling or broadcast seeding and mowing for our crop management.  The general idea is to return the diversity of life to the soil and land ecosystems and let nature manage itself. It does a much better job any way. It's more of a "follow, don't lead" concept that helps the land to regenerate and recycle it's nutrients into the plants and animals it produces.  It's an attempt to mimic the natural cycles of growth and harvesting as nature would intend if left alone by pushy humans. We over seed our pastures with plants that can add nutrients and fertility to the soil as well as be a yummy supplement for our animals to harvest.  We do this without the use of any type of fertilizers, herbicides, or fungicides; not even organic ones.  Healthy soil grows healthy plants that are naturally resistant to pests and disease. We believe that if we give the land and animals what they need to do their job, each will do exactly that.  It's that old concept of 'give a man a fish or teach him to fish', well, we taught our chickens to fish I guess.

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